100% On-Chain Christmas PATTERNS

IRL Utility

We want to bring NFTs into physical world. For this collection you will be able to claim a knittable version of your NFT and have it knitted.

Looks Rare

200 traits, 40+ colors, 200+ Millions possibilities. Generated at mint time.

100% On-Chain

128x128px of resolution generated on-chain. As long as the Ethereum blockchain is around, so will your NFT.


Burn two of the 128x128px sweaters to mint a 256x256px one. Traits will be rerolled. Limited to 1000.


All hodlers of a Christmas Sweater Pattern will be whitelisted for our next drop!


First 333 mints are free. Then only 0.02Ξ.


First 333 NFTsThe Free Mint
It's all free so far, what do you expect?
1000 NFTs SoldThe Basics
Open up the Discord. Listing on Rarity sites. Hire a Merry and Cherry community manager.
1500 NFTs SoldSweater claim enabled
Using our dApp you will be able to claim Knittable template of your NFT. The claiming mechanism includes a unique hash to authentify the sweater IRL. Learn more in the Discord.
2000 NFTs SoldLet's get knitting!
Top 10 rarest Ugly Patterns can claim for free, one custom made sweater featuring their NFT. Imagine the fun Christmas conversations that this is going to spark.
SOLD OUT!And now we start
Futur developments in the "textile on-chain" serie.
We will partnering with clothing artisan through the world to produce unique pieces for our NFT patterns.
Summer collection.
Sandbox wearable Airdrops for all holders.
Whitelist access for our next drop regardless of what milestone we reach. That next drop combines unique DEFI mechanisms with NFTs as well as real world utility.
Coming early 2022.